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» » Soulspell - The Second Big Bang (2017)

Soulspell «The Second Big Bang»

Year of issue May 25th, 2017
List of tracks:
1. Time to Set You Free
2. The Second Big Bang
3. The End You'll Only Know at the End
4. Dungeons and Dragons
5. Horus's Eye
6. Father and Son
7. White Lion of Goldah
8. Game of Hours
9. Super Black Hole
10. Sound of Rain
11. Soulspell (Apocalypse version)
12. Alexandria (Apocalypse version)
Soulspell - The Second Big Bang (2017)
Musical release:
The Second Big Bang
Record label:
Music style:
Sorting the volume:
Full album
Recording Media:
Compact Disc
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