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Phobia «Lifeless God»

Year of issue June 2nd, 2017
List of tracks:
1. Out from the Ashes
2. Escalate to Madness
3. Killed It
4. Corpse Slayer
5. Damaged
6. Fuck Power Violence
7. Intimidator
8. Devotion
9. Human Default = Suck at Life
10. Everythings Vicious
11. Coward to Hate
12. Party in Hell
13. Tramatized
14. Outlaw Punks
15. Death to Freedom
16. Last Out
17. Torment Inside
18. New 4th Reich
19. From Where It Came
20. Lifeless God

Phobia - Lifeless God (2017)
Musical release:
Lifeless God
Record label:
Music style:
Sorting the volume:
Full album
Recording Media:
Compact Disc
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