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» » Wömit Angel - Impaling Force of Satan (2017)

Womit Angel «Impaling Force of Satan»

Year of issue March 18th, 2017
List of tracks:
1. Planetary Destruction
2. Forgotten Name of Evil
3. Armageddon Wolfpack
4. Ceremonial Coffin-Ceremonial Death
5. Nun Raping Rock n' Roll
6. Impaling Force of Satan
7. Goat Hellfire
8. Possessed Misery
9. Mr. Barbie
10. Rat Mouth Saviour
11. Raping the Holy, Pt. 2
12. I Kill Everything I Fuck

Wömit Angel - Impaling Force of Satan (2017)
Womit Angel
Musical release:
Impaling Force of Satan
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