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» » Ol' Time Moonshine - The Apocalypse Trilogies (2016)

Ol Time Moonshine «The Apocalypse Trilogies»

Year of issue December 10th, 2016
List of tracks:
1. I: Spacewolf
2. Lycanthroposphere
3. Back to Zero
4. Forced Reentry
5. II: Tales of the Blind Seer
6. Raven vs Hawk 05:29
7. Queen of Sorrows
8. Lady of Light
9. III: Wizards of War
10. Wizard Dust
11. ..and Magick
12. The Elusive Truth

Ol' Time Moonshine - The Apocalypse Trilogies (2016)
Ol Time Moonshine
Musical release:
The Apocalypse Trilogies
Record label:
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Full album
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