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» » Highborne - The Dusk of Solitude (2017)

Highborne «The Dusk of Solitude»

Year of issue January 13th, 2017
List of tracks:
1. Obscura Arcana
2. Spirit in Anguish
3. Malicious Intent
4. Funeral Covet
5. Remorseless Winter
6. Black Despondency
7. Legion of Hate
8. Beyond the Dark Veil
9. The Howling of the Winds
10. Through Dead Meadows
11. The Coming of the Dusk
12. In My Kingdom of Solitude
13. Revel in Darkness
14. Narcissistic Inclination

Highborne - The Dusk of Solitude (2017)
Musical release:
The Dusk of Solitude
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